Poem 318 – The Platypus and the Meerkat

The meerkat said to the platypus
“Shall we canoodle by the pool”
To which replied the platypus
“Meerkat, you’re a fool,

“The water’s filled with platypi
Who on us would gladly spy
Might I propose we procreate
In the bedchamber of the head of state?”

“Oh no!” replied the meerkat
“Their bed would be in use –
Beside, the Lady’s Chamber
Is only visited by the goose.”

“Then shall we stroll paw in fin
Not love making at all?”
“That would be nice, oh platypice,
But I would soon get bored!”


Dear readers,

I am attempting to understand why I am publishing this nonsense poem – the only reason I have is that on Thursdays I try to put up comic poetry, as on Tuesdays I try to put up longer works. Somewhere in this Lewis Carroll strolled into my head.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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