Poem 324 – Diary

Fat with memory,
Bloated with Life
Is a diary,
Darting twixt trouble and strife,
Days written in laughter,
Or inscribed in woe
To never be read, never be known,
Except by they who form the chain
That links pleasure to pain and back again.


Dear readers,

As I wrote this, the diary (Or ‘journal’ if I want to sound manly) from my first year and a half of university is sitting in front of me. In its pages are crammed tickets, photos and other memories of a generally transformative time – and I have no intention of letting you read it…

In other news, yesterday became the day that this blog was most viewed ever! For obvious reasons, this delights me – one person in the UK appears to have read 134 pages in one hour! The other reason was that the previous ‘most-viewed’ day was simply because I had accidentally used the same title for a poem as the name of a popular website that provided images of a rather explicit nature, and people seemed to be a little confused. Whoever you are, mysterious reader, I hope that you enjoyed your time reading this blog!

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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