Poem 331 – On the District Line

I saw you late at night upon the Underground,
You were old,fat and slouched,
Your face obscured behind the scratched old glass.
So I turned to my pad to write about you –
Then looked up – you were gone.


Dear readers,

I don’t want to say ‘Mysterious Vanishing Person’ is my muse, but it was amazing how, the moment I started to write this poem to add to my ‘Faces on the Underground’ folder, they  vanished. And, I admit, a little inconvenient. The fact that this blog has no category for ‘poems about random strangers’, but one for ‘poems about people one is romantically inclined towards’ is perhaps a little telling. Perhaps I should be embarrassed about that.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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