Poem 332 – The Pursuit of I

Where am I? I do not know;
Do I care? Perhaps so.
Can I be elsewhere? No.
So I am here, trapped,
Unable to be away.

It’s late tonight, there are monsters,
No friends to help me home,
So, trapped here, I stand apart,
Ready to run, to hide,
Afraid I have to stay.

They look at me with wanton eyes,
Call out with lustful lies,
A swarm of noisy, filthy flies
Pursuing me, drawn to me,
Vermin pursuing prey.

To return to light! Such relief,
The safety of the train is brief,
For that scum pursues me, to my grief,
Insisting, repeating, without relief
Tonight I’ll lay
With it.

Why me? No reason?
Why now? It’s the season,
As every day, to abandon reason
For that animal – worse, vehicle,
To transport a penis here and there,
To be borne with menace, as a weapon, their snare
Is to say ‘who minds?’

I care.


Dear readers,

Almost a month ago I was travelling home after a concert when I got the Tube in the wrong direction. On realising my mistake I had to get out and walk to a different stop, and the following experience led to this poem. I hope that it has some quality – and I hope it does not resonate with any readers, although I am sure it will.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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