Poem 358 – My Favourite Child

I raised you, made you, my favourite child,
Taught you your language, smile and skill,
And here you repay me, here you betray me,
Forget the one way you could save me,
With truth, whose light is faint,
And between us, grows dimmer still,
A vanishing sunset, each time you lie,
Conspire against me, and my heart dies,
Crushed by my love of you, turned rotten with deceit,
Unable to stand the pain and frustration
Of what has become of my greatest creation.


Dear readers,

As some of you have already noticed, I’ve started another blog – ‘The Liberal Degenerate‘ – here on WordPress. It’s a work of fiction, and the views on it are not my own. I’ve wondered for a while about the possibility of telling a story in a very different way to the conventions by using the very flexible genre of blogging, and this is my first attempt. It’s a story with one character, and I’m looking forward to telling it, and seeing how it goes. That said, any questions about it posted on the blog itself will be answered in-character, since one of the most wonderful things about the genre is the possibility to conceal the author’s identity to a far greater extent. This blog will still continue, of course – it is my pet project, and I can’t imagine leaving it for another blog at this present time!

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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