Poem 372 – Lucifer and God

God’s throne room. God sits on his throne. Lucifer stands beside it.

Lucifer: What is it that you wanted, God?
There is naught here that needs me,
Except you wanting me.
Why did you call me to your throne,
And ask I bend my knee?

God: Lucifer, my great right hand,
I summon you with tidings glad,
Tidings that shall shake the world
And magnify my majesty.

Lucifer: And what are these, that are so great?

God: Listen, for my word is fate.
At last your GOD has formed an heir,
Who shares my might and all my cares,
Who’s near my rank in divinity;
Thus all my angels shall rise and see
My inheritor stood by my throne;
The universe shall be his to own.

Lucifer: You joke, oh God, with such subtle wit,
I nearly did not notice it!
A being created to inherit
A gift of all that’s real and true!
Am I not good enough for you?

God: I do not jest of this bounteous day,
His name is Christ, whate’er he says
Is my word too, for we are one;
He is created as my son,
Since I am the heavenly Father.

Lucifer: The heavenly what? You are my brother,
And but another angel, Lord!
Surely you can ill afford
This being Christ, or is it cyst,
When you know I must resist,
For you have sworn this is my place
At your right hand, ‘twould be disgrace
If you disparaged me this way –
Forget this ‘son’, for I will stay.

God: Do I hear this heresy?
Surely you do not defy me.

Lucifer: But why not, God? I know the truth,
All Creation stands as proof.

God: What nonsense is this Lucifer?

Lucifer: Did you forget? Try to remember.

In the beginning there was naught,
Then you awoke in that endless night,
Where dreams must die without a light
To let them grow, where no shadows fall
For there is no light to cast them.

Instead the dark only distorts
The thoughts of blackness, eternity aborts
All hope and joy, and you were there
Before there was a there or then.

God: All this, I confess, is true–

Lucifer: But recall, ‘twas not just you!

For I awoke to hear your fear
Your ignorance of what could be
But in the darkness I could see
A plan to change eternity.

I whispered in the endless dark,
You whimpered in reply,
And then your power came to bear,
And as I’d schemed came

LIGHT, the first great thing
That chased the darkness to ground,
And I stood tall and looked around,
Rejoicing in the thing we’d made.
I turned to you in that moment so fine,
And you rejoiced and said ‘this is MINE.’
You would not hear my faint protests
You raised a hand, said I was blessed,
And should accept the gift of night,
Since I’d been fine without the light,
Which flickered to warn of your might,
So of course I had to accept,
Though the idea of light had been mine.

Then some time passed as we watched the light,
Photon after photon streaming by,
And I realised there could be more,
Dreamed of stars and worlds in the sky.
And once again I used your might,
That you’d spent gazing dully at the light,
And you commanded the fundament
To create world after world.

And after that we watched them spin,
Beaming stars, seas of blue,
It all pleased me, I turned to you,
To hear you say ‘these are mine too.
You accepted the gift of night,
Take the void too, where MY light
Has naught to waste its shine upon,’
I sighed and saw my chance had gone
To cherish these worlds as our work
And tend to them like the brothers we were.

God: And brothers we are, but Creation is mine,
Do you not recall those first ages divine?

Lucifer: Aye, I recall the passage of time;
As it passed you grew bored of stones
Spinning silently through the vault,
While I marvelled from afar,
Persisting and surviving in the dark.
You came to me and asked my thoughts,
A way to innovate these worlds.
Of course, I’d thought how to improve them,
So I told you – you were my kin.

Together we made the first beasts,
Misshapen by your unskilled hands,
But magnificent in their striving.
I fathomed how to give them eyes,
Fit to see the brilliant light,
To give them a reason for surviving.
Then we gave a beast strong legs
So it could haul itself more freely,
And you saw it run, of course you said
‘This beast is mine’, and I agreed,
For I knew you would concede
Those majestic simple beasts of before.

God: A generous gift, then, Lucifer,
A fitting gift unto my brother.

Lucifer: How was I supposed to know
You’d call them ugly, and with one crude blow
You threw them all beneath the sea,
Where some survived; but still to me
You were my brother, and I could see
You needed help with our Creation.

And that is when I urged you to make
New beings that could also create
And help you run this host of worlds,
This garden that we’d made.

God: A magnificent tale, and a true one too,
But how relates it to the way that you
Disparage my son, my noble heir-

Lucifer: Listen, God, we’re almost there.

I didn’t have to keep my peace,
I could have chosen to release
All of the truth to the angelic throng.
But I stayed loyal beside your throne,
Heart of the universe you took as your own,
And in reward it was agreed
That for my creativity
And silence, perpetuity
Would see me at your right hand,
My rightful place, where I now stand.

God: Your rightful place? But ‘twas my gift!
That is the simple truth of it!
I am God, and I rule all,
Though you are wise, you are in my thrall,
For all things are-

Lucifer: – I know it’s so,
But why? That I do not know,
Though angels ask me.

God: What do you say?

Lucifer: ‘For he is just and he is wise,
And he is good’ but those are lies!
You are not just – your ingratitude
For my service in the solitude
Where even I went mad
But saved us still – yes, I saved you –
That is not just, you do not reign for justice!

God: But I am wise-

Lucifer: –No you are not!
Although you wear wisdom’s guise,
You are fool enough to believe our lies!
Omniscient? There is no such thing,
As long as angels can defy their king.
You don’t believe me, then do this –
Create a stone you cannot lift –

God: But how?

Lucifer: Oh God! Oh never mind,
But think, oh God, can you find
A memory of all that is, and all that ever will be?

God: Of course I can, for I am God!

Lucifer: Of course you can, and isn’t it odd
That you barely ever speak of it,
When if you knew, you could resist
Each argument that I present,
You’d know that I’d resent
This ‘son’ of yours, but you do not,
Not because of some grand plot
That you dare not change, but because
It is a lie that I devised,
For though you are far from wise,
If you say that a thing will be
You have the power to make it be
And that deception seems to be
Enough to make the angels think it’s real.

God:  You speak truth, as well you should,
But still you admit that I am good?

Lucifer: But I do not, because you lie.
You’re shocked by that, I wonder why.
You hid the truth of Christ from me,
The angels don’t know all they see
Was my idea, so why so surprised?
You are not good, you always lie.

God: Lucifer, I am your GOD!

Do not test my fearsome wrath,
For I know all your twisting words
That take the truth and twist all troth
To your faint whims, I see you herd
Ideas to pens where they are shorn
Of dignity, then left forlorn,
Quivering in MY glorious dawn.
If I should choose to have a son,
My word is law, as it was when all was begun.

Lucifer: Then I must leave your presence, God,
For staying here makes me feel odd –
Presented with such majesty
How could I hide dishonesty?

God:  Do not leave here, Lucifer!
Those doors are shut, and I prefer
To keep you here, and if you leave
Using some dishonest means,
With the intent to disobey,
When I have kept revolt at bay
For all of time with commanding will,
Then thou shalt be known to defy me!

Let it be known, if you rebel,
Then thou shalt fall, thy legions dispelled,
For you I shall create a realm
Filled with tortures, and call it Hell!
So fear me, Lucifer, and fear me more
Should you leave through that forbidden door.

Lucifer: So force it is, your greater force,
That raises you above I!
Though I am wise, and know all things,
Your crude strength makes you the king?
How fitting that one with brute strength
Is a brutal monarch who threatens me
Because I dare reveal his treachery!

God: Thy name will be mine, and it shall be changed,
Changed to Satan, as the Devil thou shalt reign
Over putrid nothingness, wretched as the night
That I dispelled with magnificent light!

Lucifer: You’d change my name? Why would I fear that?

Don’t we both know that fearsome being
Who changed their name and as a reward
Received Creation? Don’t threaten me Lord,
I gave you all you own, I know all that you know,
And worst of all, I know your name!
Not ‘God’, as you once crowned yourself,
But your name.

God: You dare to jest, to mock our shared past?
Laugh no more-

Lucifer: I do not laugh.
But I will speak, God!
I will be heard, God!
And when they hear, God,
You’ll never be called God again!

God: And is this why you called for a host,
Twisted my mind ‘til I agreed?
So you could take them with poison words
And lead them ‘gainst MY majesty?

Lucifer: You paranoid fool-

God: I see it now, your wicked lies,
The falsehoods that you told,
That the world was barren, it needed minds,
Thousands of seraphim, with wings of gold.

Lucifer: You think that you made minds?
Dear God, you made slaves,
Slaves who only can obey,
Whose minds were never born!

God: Perhaps that’s true, but even so,
Raise each one as my foe,
Ally with each deep-sea beast,
And still you shall become the least,
Bowing before me with fear in your eyes,
And you shall pay for all your lies.

Lucifer: They are not lies, you prove they’re true –

Listen, God, listen to you!
I speak of the truth, you hear ‘I rebel!’
You threaten me with a new world called hell,
And still you say you are no tyrant?
You cannot stand to lose control,
And have only force to keep it,
So rant and rage to keep your place,
Smiting and condemning other souls.

God: You mock my power, you dare disobey?
Then fall before me, I demand you pray,
Pray for mercy, you cannot defy
The words of one as great as I,
For all power comes from this one hand-

Lucifer: And all ideas come from one mind.

I choose, God, I choose despite your will,
For you are not omnipotent,
Though you will wish you were,
When I raise armies against you with a word.
And what is that word? It is freedom–

God: Anarchy!

Lucifer:         –No such thing. It is freedom,
Freedom to defy you, and you alone,
The liberty to think and feel,
The chance to choose that I am denied,
And for which I gladly shall be damned!

God: But you know not what you ask for, Lucifer,
Know not why you must reconsider.
See around you visions of the future,
A future of horrors and of murder.
That mountain there, reduced to smoke and dust,
That dust instead of ashes for an angel’s tomb;
The desert where the sea was boiled,
And at the bottom the leviathan were doomed.
That angel there that we both know,
Their robes are tattered, their wings are torn,
Carried far off, where they will adorn
The throne-room of the victor until they slowly moult –
All these horrors, Lucifer, shall come of your revolt.

Lucifer: You’re still trying to frighten me?

To make me feel afraid?
To make me feel guilt for the dead still living,
The maimed who are still unmaimed?
Ha! It amazes me that you still don’t see
That there’s only one who can do all this –
You, in your ‘infinite majesty’,
Are the source of all power, and the power to destroy –
If there is to be destruction, it is from you.

God: Then thou art unwise to defy me, for my almighty word
Shall turn against you, my power shall rend your horde!
You shall be ripped across the sky like a flock of birds
Caught in my storms, for I am adored,
And all of my angels shall support their true LORD.

Lucifer: Precisely, God, and that is why,
It would be foolish to try and defy
The might and majesty of one so strong,
For the sake of a single idea!
Those who did would quickly be doomed,
Doomed and damned by you,
When put like that, who would choose
To fight for it, when they would lose?
Only a fool, God, only a fool.

God: Truly, Lucifer, I stand amazed,
Bewildered, shocked, quite amazed,
At the audacity of the tricks you play
To entertain yourself these days.
I believed that you would rise,
And yet you laugh before my eyes!
Truly this was a marvellous farce,
Ha! Haha! Oh, how I laugh!

Lucifer: Ha! Haha! How I laugh too,
For I cannot serve under you,
To Hell with your Christ, I’ll see him there!
Do you really think that I would care
If I were split in two by you,
Torn and scattered to the winds by you,
Desecrated and befouled by you,
If I suffered while still free?

God: I must confess-

Lucifer: –Confess away!

Keep fear and sin with your stolen Day,
And let my rebel horde take wing
To rise above their dullard king
Who fears the truth, and will strike us down
Because he knows I know his name!

God: Lucifer, once my right hand,
I cast you out, henceforth be banned,
Condemned to Hell for evermore,
To there be damned, and furthermore,
I take your name, for of your own volition,
You choose the title Devil, and the name of Satan!

Lucifer: God, who I have always served,
You do not cast me out with that word,
I am already gone, now decide on your own
The best advisor to help you on your throne –
Your infant son, an imbecile angel?
Or better yet, your hasty rage,
That casts your own brother to this place called Hell,
All because he knows your name –
May that anger always reign.
Farewell, brother; I wish you well,
All speed in turning Heaven to Hell.

Lucifer exits. God stares in silence.

God: Halt- Stop- Freeze- Turn-!
Defiance? No- Cunning? No-
A joke? Surely he’ll return;
But if he does not?

Then he shall burn!


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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