Poem 377 – The World Machine

Their eyes were wide, their face was wan,
Pupil flickering from side to side,
Clenched teeth, perfect posture,
No movement but their fluttering eyes,
Staring at the wall, blank though it was,
As if within it was hell itself,
All the fires and torments of the otherworld.
They stared into that plain white wall,
Then smiled and wept and hurled
An insult in a foreign tongue
And laughed then sobbed then rose again
Then closed their mouth and froze again.
I looked into their frightened eyes
And briefly they burrowed into mine
Like a bullet, but that moment died,
And they turned away, but I saw how wise
This mad thing was, and I asked ‘why?’
They did not move, but gave reply.

“I saw the world-machine, my child,
I danced on quarks as they span,
I chased neutrinos with my eyes
And I fell in love with the Plan,
But then I saw the world of lies,
I saw the faults so well-disguised
And I no longer could survive
A moment in my society
For I had seen the world-machine.”

And at that moment their hand grabbed mine,
I saw the things that they’d described,
Was riddled by neutrinos, unable to heal
The world with all the faults I could feel.
So now we sit, out eyes are wide,
Our pupils flick together from side to side.

Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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