Poem 393 – The Invisible Man

Suddenly Terence fell over backwards, shocked,
He cried out “I know you’re there!”
And seemed to fight the empty air,
Knocking over all our things until, with bloodied jaw
He panted “so it ends;
If this is how things will be, that’s it for you, my friend.”

Twelve months before in Terence’s room
He heard a voice from nowhere.
“Hello”, said the voice, and Terence glanced around
“You won’t see me, I’m invisible, but look”
An unseen hand reached out and found
A pot of white pain and smeared it on the empty air,
Revealing a face with holes for eyes and no skull.
And Terence said “Hello”.

They became firm friends, though no-one ever saw
Who it was that Terence spoke to.
They thought him mad, gave him pills
Which the unseen one stole away, for he was surely real.
Vexed by demands for secrecy
That made his mother think he’d gone
Quite insane, Terence quarrelled, and pushed away
His invisible friend, but someone saw
An unseen body hit the dust-covered floor.

Here the tale grows fuzzy. Men in suits, unclear light,
A hand appears, more light are shone,
Muttering. “That witness must be gone”
“But how?” “Never too soon
For our latest employee to start.”

And this is, I gather, how it came to pass
That Terence dragged a corpse from thin air
And started to weep, but that tear was his last
There was a shot-


One thought on “Poem 393 – The Invisible Man

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