Poem 427 – 21:00

The beat
The drive
Pump it out and
Let me feel alive.

The floor
One night more to
Live like this – true.


Poem 426 – 20:00

The last few folk scurry into their homes
To mark the end of the day
With fast repast and generous tales
Of their time since they last could say
“Hello, my dear ones, I’m glad to be here,
Join with me now and share in my cheer.”

Poem 423 – 17:00

The grey-suited, grey-faced horde is freed,
It staggers home as to its creed,
But once a year it is allowed
For members of this monochrome crowd
To carry bright paper and shining toys
(Pink for girls, blue for boys,
Orthodoxy is required)
And hope that these things are desired
By families that will gladly see
These grey faces clad in misery.